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Cockington Green is the model village just to the north of Canberra. Well worth a visit even if trains are not your interest.

I shall be adding to the captions a little later.

Cricket match in progress.
The large scale model of a British Railways High Speed Train (HST).
The HST speeds past the lake (or pond in life-size).
HST passing the railway station. Interestingly, with all the attention to detail elsewhere, the track here has no ballast.
The HST rounds a sharp curve. The track is about 3 inch gauge.
The noisy soccer match. And it is noisy. You can hear it from most parts of the gardens. :)
Another view of the impressive HST. Despite only having 2 passenger carriages, the model's overall size gives the impression that it is long.
Golf in progress.
The turf maze.
Canal lock.
The G gauge railway in the international display area.
Unexpected visitors drop in.
G gauge railway in the international display area. The public can drive these trains themselves. Unfortunately during my visit, one of the trains got caught up in a plant that had encroached upon the track.
12 inch gauge Fowler steam locomotive.
The HST train pauses at the station.
Anyone for tennis?
A most impressive piece of modelling.
One of many examples of humour to be found throughout the displays.